Lily Allen is my best friend…


“When you look with your eyes, everything seems nice:
look twice and you can see its all lies.”


Really like that dress!! Also that voice!!

Today… I had to go to school during the holidays because of the resentful party of life called GCSE’s.


But after a short class I went out to eat loads of naughty, sugary, fatty foods with a girl that I don’t know very well apart from the fact that she is an A* student. Damn!! But what I wanted to say was that in the middle of a very sunny springy walk in London she got into a pickle with one of her friends.

This made me feel slightly awkward so I just politely nodded, made noises of agreement ( ‘hmmm, yeah, uff, no’ ) and pretended to give a crap…. as you do.

It may seem that I am a fair bit heartless but I have never had an actual fight with a friend since Yr 5.

BTW… I’m in Yr 10 now.

That’s because I’ve just simply not cared. About anyone. I read a book… Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and the first thing that I learnt from that book was there are only two rules in this world of teens:

“1: shut the fuck up
2: don’t give a shit.”

That kind of decreased my lies because I didn’t talk much.

But is it my fault that I am ashamed of my feelings??! Sooooooo ashamed that I lie to my friend who I feel nothing for, that I lie to my sisters who I feel nothing for, that I lie to myself who I feel nothing for… apart from hatred of course.

Never the less, music is here to remedy all sombre thoughts.
In simple English… This is the song I’ve been listening to today:

lily allen – LDN

~ living in the atmosphere; learning who I am


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