After all this time... It does feel good.

When I was writing my last couple of posts I was worried about having too many I’s or me’s. But after reading other blogger’s posts I’ve realised that actually it doesn’t matter! I can write ‘I’ as many times as I like!! Because after all this time… this blog only includes me, myself and I.


I haven’t done anything today apart from moan.
Moan about how I want this holiday to end so I can do more work that is even remotely useful to me. Moan about how I don’t want this holiday to end so I can put my head down in a beautiful bath tub and bet with myself about how long I  can hold my breath.

There is only one reason that I would ever want to live by myself… so that a holiday is actually about relaxation not about unpaid overload of babysitting. Other than that I hate being by myself then there would be too much of me under one fucking roof. But I think I would be fairly OK by myself because I have actually been brought up more responsible than most of my peers… who I feel sorry for because they are entirely dependent on their parents. sad.

I am waiting for that one day when there is no one but me… someone once said that that only exist in your grave… I think I was the one who said that.

The song in my head today:

the world is watching – two door cinema club

Their music is mesmerising…

~ living in the atmosphere; learning who I am


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