If I thought before I spoke then I would only be thinking… not speaking.


Raj! You are... so fucking funny!

That’s a bit random but that’s what I feel like sometimes when I stay up late doing essays for fun… it’s wired because I actually enjoy it as that’s the only time that I don’t have people talking to me and it’s just me, my earphones and a shit load of writing!

I love writing.

I wish I had enough time in my life to stay constant with writing and not just change whatever I’m writing… all the fucking time!

My family is full of clever people… everyone is just naturally clever. There’s nine of us including parents… Five have never been to a school or educational environment for longer than six months. Yet still they are capable of thinking and knowing all sorts of shit that my teachers are trying to teach us… and failing.

In my school people say:

‘Oh, Mymona you are so clever I could never do that!’

It gets me so frustrated when a person says that… because actually I am practically brainless compared to my brothers and sisters. That’s what I love about my brothers and sisters… none of them think or act like the mainstream typical Bengali Muslim family living in London. Because actually we’ve had lives in the poorer, less fortunate part of UAE, Sharjah. And lives in the richest parts of Bangladesh.

Back to the clever thing, the students in my school take their free education for granted and complain a little like this, ‘sir, I don’t want to hold it in my bag… School is so shit and you don’t even learn anything.


A few decades ago being a teacher was a pleasure… now being a teacher is damn suicide. Because you are never appreciated and if you are… that student is called a teacher’s pet.

I try hard at school and that’s why I have the chance of being remotely smart even if it is just book smart… I’m jealous of my brothers and sisters who are just naturally so damn clever simply because they chose to read over watching television!

I know I’m going on a bit but one more thing:

It’s scientifically proven that if a child under the age of four constantly watches TV their learning abilities narrow down to just visual learning.

That’s why I don’t own a TV because my house is full of under fours.

I have really gone off track!

~ living in the atmosphere; learning who I am


2 thoughts on “If I thought before I spoke then I would only be thinking… not speaking.

  1. imjustadreamer

    I completely agree with you on school and students greatly underappreciating what other people in other countries would kill for. Sometimes it is so frustrating because if it isn’t bad enough that they’re missing they’re own opportunities, they interfere with the ours! If they don’t care about school, then fine. But don’t tease or bully the ones who do. Sometimes I wish they’d put the kids who are serious and not serious in different classrooms. Maybe we’d actually get something done that way.

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