You would be a shitty liar if you said you didn’t love music.



‘Music is the tool that Shaytan (Satan) uses to manipulate humans into feeling, thinking and wanting sinful things.’

That’s what my brother told me when he saw that I couldn’t go to sleep without my earphones.

Here’s the dealio: listening to music is haram (forbidden) in Islam principally because of that.

It is so sad because I completely use music for everything especially because I have Spotify!!

Again, because I am not strong enough to sacrifice my music for my religion, because I don’t know how to get my priorities straight I’m stuck being guilty every fucking day of my life.

I have been to two concerts on my life (Sleeping With Sirens – October 2013… All Time Low – March 2014) in my opinion atl was better! But then again Jesse had just left sws then so… Sad!

My heart tells me to go to more but my brain is saying ‘don’t you fucking dare!’ So I’m gonna try and go with my brain even though the world today is saying follow your heart which is basically the totally wrong rule to follow if you’re a Muslim!

Concerts are magical… but so is heaven.

~ living in the atmosphere; learning who I am


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