Can’t believe I’ve given in!



Well, let me steady from the beginning… One day there was a little girl born in a tiny little clinic at coast of Bangladesh… Not that far.

I used to have a Facebook account that I haven’t used in about three years. But other than that I have never had an actual social networking account unless you count Polyvore (this is my polyvore account) Maybe it is just because everyone I’m around I seem to somewhat hate? Or I just thought it would take too much of my time and the last I want is to say I didn’t have time to do something important must because I was too caught up with what some call ‘chatting’.

But lately lots of people have been constantly bugging me about Instagram. Their constant argument!?:

You don’t have to upload pictures of yourself or of anything at all but I just want to share my photos with you, man!

First of all I generally don’t give a shit about your photos secondly (unlike most teenagers of today) I have never taken a selfie in my entire life. Actually I did one but I instantly deleted it. I just don’t like taking pictures… especially of myself.

So anyways… One person pushed me… Very hard!
And I made an Instagram account. It’s called mymonaisdrunk… I think.
But basically I made it and I kind of don’t hate it but I just put up random pictures that have nothing to do with my face… Or body!

Also it’s gonna be a bit daunting because for once my classmates will see who I am when I’m not working… At school.

Other than that today has been the laziest one in ages!! I was sleeping for more than half of it!

Listening to

Oh, Calamity! – All Time Low!


~ living in the atmosphere; learning who I am


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