So here we go… You got one more chance to make it better not lose control… Sleeping With Sirens!



Today at school there was a fire. During lunchtime.
As protocol we knew we had to line up outside for half an hour at least before anything was done. Yes, I did take my dessert with me!
It turned out that the fire was dead serious and in the Art department which is right at the top of the school (to prevent theft… Duh!) all the at students were viciously sad. If that makes any sense. I actually felt sorry for them. I would sure if someone decided to burn my years worth of work in just an hour or so!

It turns out there will be no school tomorrow.

And some people are celebrating. I’m not. Because I’ve got four GCSE exams in the next month and every 10 minutes I miss of Latin or RE (the subjects I’m doing this year) I hyperventilate about what I may have missed.

Latin is a butt hole.

I love and hate it at the same time. Anyone who does or did Latin at some point will know that there is only one word that you need:


Without that you won’t get anywhere.

Every Monday and Friday I stay after school for two hours because Latin was an optional GCSE that isn’t in my everyday timetable. And it is sooooooo irritating when it takes two days to learn something bid it feels so fucking great when you realise you’ve finally got it.

Anyways, as I said before my posts will have now bigger gaps between them which I am not happy about but I will try and keep this as full as possible!!

Also… I just wanted to tell you that when I was a kid up to the age of nine my family used to call me Galaxy Smooth because my skin used to be completely perfect with no imperfection just sheer soft, smooth and silkiness. Now that I’m a teenager my skin is disgusting. I hate the fact that I can’t touch my self without remembering what I used to be. It’s so blemished, dry and oily at the same damn time!!

I’ve been raging on a bit tonight but it was Kellin Quinn’s birthday today and I don’t know why birthdays are special because I hate the fact that I was ever even born… Even more painful is that I was born as a ‘human’. So that’s why I don’t celebrate birthdays especially not my own.

~ living in the atmosphere; learning who I am


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