I haven’t written in nearly over a week!
Which is rich coming from somebody who’s only just a baby on WordPress. Maybe an infant…?

I don’t even know what to write about.

These past few days I would get random ideas that I feel like creating a post about. But I never have time to actually write my thoughts into paragraphs or even sentences. So I just write them down as notes so I can remember them for when I do have time. Now I’ve got a list of things to discuss with myself… But right now I don’t feel like spring and what I’ve thought about before…

Today when I was waiting for the bus home from school, a bird decided to shit on me. Yes, a pigeonLondon’s full of them. It was only on the side of my foot but it was so horrendous and warm… Urgh. I do carry wipes with me to school because I feel like school is the most disgusting place on earth especially when there are like 2000 that’s a slight exaggeration students in one building. What I actually wanted to say was that if I was standing with my friends I would have squealed like a girl and pretended like it was a big deal. Because I was by myself… All I did was wipe it off and tried not to puke.

What is it about friends that make us that little bit louder??

And lately I’ve been thinking about money.

Like, do I really need a new phone? Really??! Do I?!
Also, I need a job to pay for the crap that life tends to give.
I have to wait a year and a half because I’m only just fourteen.

Finally, I have done the inevitable… I have developed a crush.

God, please save me!!

~ living in the atmosphere; learning who I am


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