Hey, I’m a white blood cell.


I think we all are.

I mean white blood cells.

It is like… We all feel like as if we are at war, battling against what we can see are pathogens. And the fight never seems to stop.

Right now I just realised why I have been fighting. Well, you see I always thought that there is no reason whatsoever for my hard work but it turns out that actually there is a reason. And that is because I want to make my nephews proud. Because I wanna be that aunt that they go to when their mother won’t listen. I want them to go to school and talk about me the aunt that does interesting things. But what makes me sad is that I’m not that person .

OK. Let me stop and breathe.

It is finally the holiday so I was hoping to relax right???  But noooooooo I have a lot of revision, homework and general work to do it is killing me already.

The only problem is that some white blood cells feel like they are fighting alone because they don’t see how the people around them are helping. And others are actually fighting alone because people pushed them away or they pushed people away. I am the latter.

Have a great holiday.